Table Farming” … where your kitchen or your office is your garden. Its so easy – requiring little effort, space and resources. “Grow-Your-Own” micro greens… organic sprouts … free of insecticides, pesticides, chemicals and preservatives … bursting with concentrated goodness to enrich the health and longevity of your life and those of your loved ones.

Our vision and mission is to encourage everyone, especially children, to pursue this as an on-going, beneficial occupation – in schools and at home with the participation of the whole family – sprouting for their health and continuing enjoyment.

Plant Visionz offers a range of 3 sprouter kits to grow-your-own baby vegetables. Any edible vegetable seeds, as well as pulses, beans and legumes may be sprouted.  It is a very short growing season – about 5 – 9 days, depending on the seed type. Harvest from 2 days for legumes and 5 days for leafy sprouts. For those who have little penchant for growing plants, this is a good place to start a new and enriching, living hobby.

All you need is one of our Sprouter Kits and a little table-top space anywhere – at home or in the office.

Growing food on the table

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