After 1 year of  feasibility study we will be using Woolly Pocket from the USA as our vertical planters.

Hedrick was never a fan of green walls for several reasons:

1. Difficulty in setup
2. Irrigation issues such as nozzle clogging
3. Never used to grow edible plants
4. General maintenance difficulty
5. Poor moisture retention
6. Require drainage outflow

Wally three: Made from Recycled PET bottles

These pocket planters achieve the following requirements set by Principal horticulturist, Hedrick

1. Ease of installation
2. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
3.  Does not stain walls
4. Little mess from water overflow
5. Stores water within each unit
6. Well ventilated growing zone
7. Edible plants thrives in a the right location in the planter


The wall planter has been featured in April, 2014 issue of Home and Decor magazine (Singapore), Page: 69

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Plant Visionz will work with you in recommending the right plants for the desired location and installation service is available.

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Plant Visionz Woolly Plant Visionz Wally

Woollypocket: Wally Three

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