Teaching is one area Hedrick has constantly talked about. What is the best way to get more people to love plants than to bridge the gap through simple language and stories. Plants are not green and boring nor does it take a rocket scientist to understand what they need.

Q: How does one understand about plants? How do you know what is your best friend’s favourite food?

A: By hanging around them often and asking them. Plants can’t tell you in words by they show you through changes in their physical form

Q: How does one remember the names of plants? How many friends do you have and do you remember all their names?

A:  Simple, just talk to others about them and by mentioning the plant’s name often you will remember just like your friends.

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Hedrick will be completing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (end Jan 2016) thus will become a qualified trainer in the field of horticulture.

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