Want to recycle food waste into fertilizer but find it a chore with Compost bins and piles? The COMPOT is the answer. It disappears into the garden. The first subterranean composter which you can add cooked food of any type in and not have unwanted pest invade.

Growing on the lid

Started by a Brisbane lady, Viki Burn who is passionate about recycling waste through composting. After much trial and error, this is the final product that can handle being stepped on and a lawn mower coming on top of it.

Instructions of use:

1. Dig the pot into the ground. As low as possible if the soil is very hard

2. Add kitchen waste of all sorts. Even animal products

3. cover the lid and refill every few days.

4. Digested organic matter within days

Review of the product here

Instructional video to arrive soon

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