Plant Visionz was founded in September 2012 by Principal horticulturist, Hedrick Kwan with business partner and administrative associate, Nora Chia. In the process of providing top quality landscaping services, they educate their clients about the plants in their gardens, thereby, enhancing the relationship between them and their environment.

Plant Visionz offers multi-faceted horticultural services that include:

  • Top-quality landscape, maintenance and consultancy services

  • Talks, hands-on courses, and corporate and school workshops on plants, edibles and orchids

  • Orchid hybridisation, naming and registration, multiplication and nursing.

  • Selling kits to grow your own sprouts and more.

In late 2015, Plant Visionz (AU) was formed in  Brisbane Northside with the relocation of Hedrick. He brings the methods developed in Singapore to share with the locals in the surrounding area of Aspley.  The services offered are similar to that in Singapore. The other is to export  innovative horticulture products from Australia to Singapore. That through these products more Singaporeans will have a more enjoyable and satisfying experience in growing plants

Hedrick Kwan

Principal Horticulturist

HEDRICK KWAN,Plant Visionz (AU)



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